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Does the airline allow pets: Yes

Does the airline allow pets as carry-on: Yes

Your pet can travel with you in the cabin for a fee of $150 one-way (to be collected at check-in) when traveling within the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda. Pets permitted in the cabin include dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. Monkeys, pot-bellied pigs, reptiles, frogs, mice, rats, and spiders are not permitted. The following restrictions apply:

  • Your pet must be small enough to fit comfortably in a kennel under the seat directly in front of you. Maximum carry-on kennel dimensions are determined by your flight. You must contact Delta Reservations to determine the appropriate kennel size.
  • Your pet must remain inside the kennel (with door secured) while in a Delta boarding area (during boarding and deplaning), a Delta airport lounge, and while onboard the aircraft.
  • Your pet must be at least 8 weeks old.
  • You may not carry on more than one pet.
  • Your pet in-cabin counts as one piece of carry-on baggage.

Does the airline allow pets as baggage: Yes

  • Only warm-blooded mammals and birds considered to be personal pets or show/exhibition animals.
  • Primates, including lemurs, monkeys, orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees will not be permitted.
  • Animals must be considered non-offensive and not dangerous to passengers or baggage handlers.
  • All other animals, including reptiles, must be shipped as air cargo.

You can transport a total of two kennels per flight. Giant-size kennels can only be shipped as air cargo. Additional restrictions apply according to aircraft and class of service.

Delta will no longer accept pets as cargo or checked baggage on all flights operated by Boeing 767 aircraft.

Does airline allow pets as cargo: Yes

Delta Pet First is designed to address the special needs of all warm-blooded animals shipped without their owner.

Delta will no longer accept pets as cargo or checked baggage on all flights operated by Boeing 767 aircraft.

Does airline have an embargo: Yes

Pets cannot be checked as baggage on Delta- and Aeromexico-operated flights.
Pets may be shipped as cargo. See below for year-round temperature restrictions.
Year-round Restrictions
Delta will not accept animals as checked baggage or cargo during extreme weather if at any point during the animal's trip the temperature is forecast to be:
Above 70 degrees Fahrenheit for snub/pug-nosed breeds, or 85 degrees Fahrenheit for all other breeds.
Below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. For temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit an acclimation certificate signed by a veterinarian is required.

Exception: pets are accepted to/from Anchorage, Alaska when temperatures are forecast below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Embargo dates: May 15 through September 15

Kennel / Pet Carrier Information

Documentation Requirements

A health certificate is required when shipping your pet as air cargo. While Delta does not require a health certificate for carried-on or checked pets, upon arrival, the certificate may be required by the state.

The certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of transport. The certificate must contain:

  • The shipper's name and address.
  • Any tag numbers or tattoos assigned to the animal.
  • The age of the animal being shipped (USDA regulations require animals be at least 8 weeks old and fully weaned before traveling).
  • A statement that the animal is in good health.
  • A list of administered inoculations, when applicable.
  • The signature of the veterinarian.
  • The date of the certificate.

If the shipper knows that the pet is pregnant, it must be noted on the health certificate.

Acclimation Certificate
If your pet is traveling during winter months and is accustomed to low temperatures, you may be able to facilitate the journey by obtaining two copies of an acclimation certificate from your veterinarian. USDA regulations require that this certificate be issued no more than ten days before departure. The acclimation certificate must contain:

  • Shipper's name and address
  • Any tag numbers or tattoos assigned to the animal
  • A statement that the animal is acclimated to temperatures lower than 45 degrees F
  • Lowest temperature to which the animal may be exposed to, but not lower than 20 degrees F
  • Signature of the veterinarian
  • Date of the certificate

Live Animal Checklist/Confirmation of Feeding
When you check in your pet, you will be asked to complete a live animal checklist. When you sign this checklist, you are confirming that your pet has been offered food and water within four hours of check-in. On the checklist you must also give feeding and watering instructions for a 24-hour period. If in-transit feeding is necessary, you must provide food.


Pug or snub-nosed dogs and cats are not hot-weather animals and therefore do not thrive in warm temperatures. As a precaution, Delta will not accept them as checked baggage or as air cargo if the temperature on any part of their trip exceeds 70 degrees F.

American Bull DogBurmese
American Staffordshire TerrierExotic
American Pit Bull TerrierHimalayan
Boston TerrierPersian
Brussels Griffin
Bull Mastiff
Bull Terrier
Chinese Pug
Chow Chow
Dutch Pug
English Bulldog
English Toy Spaniel
French Bulldog
Lhasa Apso
Japanese Boxer
Japanese Pug
Japanese Spaniel (Chin)
Pit Bull
Shar Pei
Shih Tzu
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Tibetan Spaniel


When requesting a booking for your pet that originates on one of the Delta Connection® carriers, Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA)®, Comair® or SkyWest Airlines®, call the following numbers:

ASA 888-736-3738
Comair 877-528-4961
SkyWest 800-258-2208

The use of pet tranquilizers at high altitudes is unpredictable. If you plan to sedate your pet, you must have written consent from the pet's veterinarian. This information must be attached to the kennel. Please keep in mind that Delta agents cannot administer medication of any kind.

Airline Fees

$150.00 one-way

$275.00 one-way on flights within the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

$550.00 for travel outside the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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888-736-3738 - Pet First - Delta Cargo for unaccompanied pets
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