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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Dec 23, 2019
Report Date: February 2016
Incident Type: Injury
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number:
Originating Airport: PDX (Portland Intl)
Destination Airport: SAT (San Antonio Intl)
Reporting Airport: PDX (Portland Intl)


Delta Cargo Live Animal Incident Report Date of Incident: December 29 2015 Location : Routing Portland OR Portland, OR (PDX) - Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) - San Antonio TX AWB: 006-09901916 Descri on of Animal: Domestic cat A domestic cat was accepted in PDX in accordance with acceptance procedures. Upon loading at origin it was n·oticed the cat had Description of Incident: attempted to claw out of the kennel and injured a paw. The cat was taken to the Vet and had the paw bandaged and given permission to continue travel where it was transported and delivered without further issue. Cause of Incident: Cat attempted to claw out of the kennel resulting in self-inflicted i Corrective Action Taken: None Warranted.

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