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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Aug 23, 2007
Report Date: October 2007
Incident Type: Loss
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 2 years 5 months
Flight Number: DL704
Originating Airport: LAX (Los Angeles Intl)
Destination Airport: CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International)
Reporting Airport: LAX (Los Angeles Intl)


Carrier Delta Air Lines

Flight Number Flight # DL704 LAX-CVG

Date and Time of Incident August 23, 2007 - approximately 2200

Type of Incident Escape

Description of Animal Breed: feline Age: 2yr/5mth

Description of the Incident A kennel containing a live cat was being transported to flight 704/23. The driver witnessed the cat jumping out of the cart from his mirror. Immediately, driver stopped and attempted to capture but, was unsuccessful. The kennel door was constructed of plastic and it did not meet the IATA container requirements #1. The locking pins were not made of metal. It appears the cat forced his way out through the bottom of the kennel door and escaped.

Cause of the Incident Bottom of kennel door was not secured with a releasable cable tie and kennel door was made of plastic.

Corrective Action Taken Los Angeles Police Department, FAA, TSA, Los Angeles World Airport, and other air carriers were notified to keep watch for the cat. Daily calls to the local animal shelters, fliers with pictures have been posted and a cage has been set up around the facility with food. A reminder letter sent system wide concerning proper acceptance and handling procedures. Direct follow up with the Delta Station Manager at origin which included briefing accepting agents on proper procedures for securing kennel doors.

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