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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Nov 02, 2007
Report Date: January 2008
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 14 years 9 months
Flight Number: DL1287/02
Originating Airport: JFK (John F Kennedy Intl)
Destination Airport: TPA (Tampa Intl)
Reporting Airport: TPA (Tampa Intl)


Carrier Delta Air Lines

Flight Number Flight # OO6174/02 SYR/JFK Flight # DL1287/02 JFK/TPA

Date and Time of Incident November 02, 2007 – Between 1905 – 2230

Type of Incident Deceased

Description of Animal Breed: Feline Age: 14 yrs. 9 months

Description of the Incident When opening the cargo hold door on arrival in Tampa for unloading. The kennel was secure in the cargo hold. The aircraft load agent noticed the cat was not moving when unloading. Upon further inspection the cat appeared to be deceased. The aircraft load agent contacted the gate supervisor immediately. The gate supervisor notified the passenger of the incident. The passenger was asked to view her cat and refused. Passenger agreed to conduct a necropsy. Passenger requested the belongings of the kennel be brought to her. Cause of the Incident Autopsy report indicates the cause of death is "cardiopulmonary collapse" contributed to by three pre-existing conditions of cardiac disease, liver disease, and kidney disease.

Corrective Action Taken No corrective action taken

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