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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Mar 31, 2011
Report Date: May 2011
Incident Type: Injury
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 5 years
Flight Number: DL 1024 &
Originating Airport:
Destination Airport:
Reporting Airport: ATL (Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl)


Carrier: Delta Air Lines

Flight Number: DL 1024 & DL 1852

Date and Time of Incident 31 March 2011 11:25 AM

Type of Incident: Injury

Description of Animal Breed: Chihuahua Age: 5 years

Description of Incident: Kennel containing pet was received at destination with a missing handle and damage to the front corner. There was no apparent injury to the pet at the time of initial inspection by the owner. The pet was taken to the vet four days after arrival of the flight. He indicated there were no external abrasions, wounds or fractured dental roots. Three lower incisor crowns were missing and evidence of a cut on the inside of the lip were found. The injury was reported to Delta on April 7, 2011.

Cause of Incident: The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

Corrective Action Taken: Corrective action will be initiated when a root cause if determined.

PetFlight Report:
May 2011 Airline Pet Travel Report
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